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For all the controversy that now surrounds it, the Union Jack can still carry the weight of such national pride.

It’s a great symbol, really: a global icon that ranks in ‘brand recognition’ right alongside the Stars and Stripes or the Communist Red Flag.

(This is simply because it would make the English and Northern Irish flags appear neater when inserted in this way, rather than having extra bits of white around their border deriving from the Union Flag.) This solution would mean that the Welsh could have their Union Jack plus Red Dragon.

It could be made explicit in the legislation or regulations establishing these flags that each country-specific version of the Union Flag was not exclusively for use in that country alone: that each version was a fully authorised variation on the Union Jack that could be flown in any part of the Union whenever and wherever it was felt appropriate.

Andrew on dark blue background) and Ireland (diagonal red Cross of St. If I had to choose between the two options, rather than messing up the neatness and cleverness of the Union Jack’s design by sticking a red dragon on it, I’d try to incorporate into it the Cross of St.

David, Wales’s patron saint, which would be consistent with the conception behind the existing flag. One rendition of how this might look is pictured below: For all its politically correct and historically sensitive efforts to be inclusive, however, this ‘Inclusion Jack’ is a bit of a dog’s dinner visually, and it does rather ruin a powerful national and international emblem.

There were certainly more flags – mostly Union Jacks – than I’d noticed before atop flagpoles next to large hotels, or billowing out above shop entrances in the place where you’d expect to see the shop sign.

I can’t speak for government buildings, as I didn’t pass any.

they would go over the white surround to the red cross on that part of the flag.Andrew must also be cropping up in all sorts of places where hitherto either the Union Flag or none would have been preferred.In England, too, as is well known, the Cross of St.George flag inserted into the top-left corner – would enable national- and local-government and other public-sector organisations to fly the English flag at the same time.Some purists and English nationalists (among whom I count myself, by the way) might object to this compromise solution, feeling that only the Cross of St. But at least my suggestion would enable both sides of the argument to be assuaged to a limited extent: the new English version of the Union Flag would be both a fully authorised UK flag, of equivalent status to the unadulterated Union Jack, and it would prominently display the English national symbol.

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How can these two not unreasonable but conflicting demands be reconciled: the Welsh wish to add some overt symbol of their country to the Union Flag; and the English desire to fly the Cross of St. There is a simple solution that would obviate the need to ruin the design principles or ‘brand impact’ of the Union Jack.

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