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Here are 5 practical ways to overcome your battle with lust: 1. The closer we are to Jesus is the easier it is for us to see when a relationship, tv show, song, etc. The closer I am to Jesus is the easier it is for me to know when what I am doing is going against His word and His call to purity.

Until we start spending more time with Jesus, we will always find ourselves seeking pleasure from things that will never satisfy (Jeremiah ). If you read 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, you will see that even Paul had his own personal battles.

Why pray for a godly spouse and continue entertaining those people coming with sexual conversations and ungodly actions?

I know firsthand that flirty conversations and certain pictures can lead your mind right outside of God’s presence.

I decided to make this blog due to receiving the same messages on a consistent basis.

The type of sin you fight against may be different from others, but sin nonetheless is not something to take lightly.

If you find your self struggling with fornication, porn, masturbation, etc., you should start getting those things under control before dating anyone.

If you are already dating, you have to understand boundaries are necessary to prevent yourself from falling into that same sin.

All under the same roof, adolescent daughter Eva, vivacious mother Judith, independent aunt Barbara and ambitious sister Anna rely on each other to help navigate their messy love lives.

While beautiful, courageous and sensible, they often lose themselves in the bewilderment of dating, lust, affairs, first crushes and lost loves.

I am also working as a freelance writer in several areas including Christianity, wine, sustainability, social justice and green building.

Some will judge you and some will use it as a way to make you feel inferior.

So you have to be sure you’re confiding in people that are growing and care to see you grow. Be more realistic If you know that you’re having issues overcoming a struggle with pornography, why continue following social media sites that are provocative and sexual?

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However, never find yourself confiding in people that will support your sin rather than encourage you out of it.

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