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Savage 2 error updating

What common strategies do recruiters use to lure job applicants, and why are they bad for you? Disclaimer: this post reflects my personal experience with recruiters.Your personal experience may vary, and that’s fine.Most recruiters don’t have exclusive locks on jobs; they get their jobs the same way you do, they just happen to know who the hiring manager is and thus can make more direct contact.

These types of recruiters (in-house recruiters) are not the kind of recruiters being discussed here.Most hiring managers want to know how you’re going to satisfy their needs, and a shotgun approach to providing such satisfaction will turn them off.If they’re looking for someone with Postgres experience they don’t probably care that you worked with My SQL, Oracle, and SQL Server, for example. The Rewriting Of The Candidate’s Resume Recruiters will often ask candidates to send them a resume in Word format.And either by design or accident, they will encounter the nemesis of job searching: The Recruiter.These individuals are employed by companies whose sole purpose is to serve as an intermediary between job seekers and potential employers.

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Choosing to use recruiters is a personal decision, and one that should be entered into with full understanding.

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