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Some time zones might have only one hour to record, develop and transmit a program whereas other zones might have three hours for that process.

The negative aspects of this whole scheme were many.

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To start with, film was very expensive and, of course, it could only be used once. Another major drawback was the quality was very poor.

For higher quality, 35 mm film was used but for most programs used16mm film.

The plaque and an original Ampex VRX-1000 are next to each other in the Green Library, which is open to the public.Ginsburg, "The Birth of Video Recording", at Ampex, Factbook 1970, not formally a proposer, we'd like to thank Fred Pfost for preparing the historical information and context above.Notes for why the plaque text is worded as it is: The bodycopy is 69 words.Several companies worked on the process of trying to record TV onto magnetic recording tape.Some of these companies in the USA were RCA, General Electric, Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co. In Europe several companies including Bausch Gmbh and BASF were working on the process.

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